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Question 1 of 6:

Why is knowing your gender important?

Asking your gender is important because there are structural differences between men and womens skins. After puberty, Androgen stimulation causes men's skin to have a tougher texture and be about 25% thicker than a womans. Many companies design their products specifically for men or women so using the wrong product may not give the best results.

Question 2 of 6:

Why your age important?

With age, the outer skin layer thins. Pigment-containing cells decrease in number making aging skin appear thinner, pale, and more translucent. Skin can also lose its elasticity as it ages which cause wrinkles to appear.

Knowing your age allows the best products to be selected. Products designed to match the age of your skin.

Question 3 of 6:

Why is my skin type important?

Different product work best with different skin type. For example, some products are designed to help moisturise dry skin. Asking your skin type allows us to select the products to give you the best results.

Question 4 of 6:

Why is this important?

Knowing why you currently use skin creams helps us determine what results you are looking to achieve and recommend the best product to match.

Question 5 of 6:

Why have we asked this?

None of the products we recommend to you are dangerous, however some may cause irritation or tenderness if you have recently had an abrasive skin peel or chemical body wrap and for your comfort they should not be used.

Question 6 of 6:

What difference does sunbathing make?

Sunbathing (a safe amount) means your skin is likely to have a healthy level of vitamin D.

Tanning booths mainly use UVA rays which are different from the sun. Using a tanning booth too much damages the skin and leads to wrinkles and additional signs of aging.